Hatha Yoga
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Tuesdays and Thursdays 6.00  6.45am and 7.00 - 7.45 am


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Tuesdays & Thursdays

6-.00 - 6.45 am & 7.00 -7.45 am

Classes are varied incorporating suspension training, hiit training, slam ball, boxing, fit test and circuits.
Everyone works at their own level and are part of a super friendly, fun team !! 

Tuesdays to Thursdays various times. See Timetable.

Body Blast

An 45minute class of toning and fat burning. Lose body fat, increase muscle tone & have fun! All levels . 

Women Stretching

Monday Wednesday Friday


Mat based Pilates , a great exercise for improving core strength , movement and flexibility. All exercises taught with a choice of 3-4 intensity levels so great for beginners through to the more experienced. 

Aerobics Class



Need to improve your bone density? This is a fantastic class for increasing strength and bone density using weights . The class covers all major muscle groups , you choose the weight and intensity that you work at!

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ODY BLAST - 45 minutes of toning and fat burn. Lose body fat, increase muscle tome & have fun!!!
PUMP A fantastic class for increasing strength & bone density using weights. This class covers all major muscle groups & you can choose a weight & intensity that suits your ability.
BARRE & PILATES - Simple combinations create a fusion of dance styles using isolations, barre exercises and contemporary techniques. This, combined with Pilates and body conditioning, achieves the long lean body shape of a dancer, from head to toe, strong core and great flexibility (modifications and alternatives will be provided to allow for all fitness levels)
BUILD AND BURN - A weights class to help you burn body fat, build strength, lean muscle and improve bone density using weights and bars.
CORE STRENGTH AND STRETCH - A great class for those with tight muscles and any back problems associated with a core. Simple controlled exercises suitable for everyone.
BOX FIT - 45 minutes of boxing fitness. Great for fat burn, balance, coordination and stamina. A whole body work out for all levels. 

All classes to be booked in advance                                          
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Personal Training

Personalised exercise program tailored to the individuals needs.

Pilates 1 - 1 

Mat based Pilates is a great way to improve strength, flexibility, balance and posture.

Massage - back

Massage therapy can break down scar tissue reducing muscular tension, relieving pain and promoting relaxation.

Massage  - full body 

Massage therapy can break down scar tissue reducing muscular tension, relieving pain and promoting relaxation.


Mapping the body through the feet, locating and treating imbalances and illness. Promoting wellness and relaxation.

Emmett Technique

The EMMETT Technique is based on the belief that light touch can trigger a relaxation response in the soft tissue of the body, and the therapist may help relieve tensions resulting in feelings of improved comfort within the body. 

Lift Lean 8 Week Eating and Fitness Plan 

Lift lean is an 8 week course designed to burn body fat, increase muscle tone and leave you holiday body ready! 

Muscle tissue starts to reduce and metabolism starts to slow as we age. Lift lean increases muscle mass and increases our metabolism so we become more toned, defined and stronger. This also helps us increase bone density, low bone density can cause problems in later life. 


We start our 8 weeks with weight and a body fat measurement recorded. There is a great protein rich eating plan to follow and included are 3 class sessions ( optional) and 2 home work outs to follow . A closed Whatsapp group is also offered for support and encouragement.

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